The Board Game BBQ Podcast

Episode 141: Special Episode - The GRILL! Get to know your Podcast hosts!

September 24, 2021

A great jumping-on point!

After 140 episodes, this video allows you to find out a lot more about the 9 of us, as we get asked 10 questions each. Some normal questions, and one question from Adrian that is "Why do we dream?"


It was certainly one of the best recordings to be a part of, and we hope you enjoy watching!

(27:03) Jules

(41:04) Conor

(59:34) Steve

(1:19:14) Def

(1:36:47) Adrian

(1:55:30) Mitch

(2:16:18) Sarah

(2:30:05) Mike

(2:48:34) Dan

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