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Episode 188: (with Guest Host Ian O’Toole) Cora Quest, Townsfolk Tussle, War of the Ring, Skull Canyon: Ski Fest

May 3, 2022

This episode Dan, Jules and Adrian are joined by Guest Host, Ian O'Toole. The team discuss the Marvel Zombicide shipping news, how Ian can still enjoy Gaia Project after 70+ plays, how to get back your gaming mojo, and the inappropriateness of Adrian's KDM campaign continues.

In the Board Game Bracket we settle the last match-up, Quacks of Quedlinburg vs A Feast For Odin, before we cue up the next battle: Brass: Birmingham vs Eclipse: 2nd Dawn for the Galaxy. To make sure your favourite goes through to the next round make sure you vote on our socials.

Finally, in Swear An Oath, Dan took to the high seas with Tiny Epic Pirates, Adrian was swayed off playing 1862 by Def and played 1860 instead, Jules tussled with townsfolk in Townsfolk Tussle, and Ian fulfilled his oath from episode #44 and played Endangered. New oaths include Unsettled (Dan), Yak (Adrian), Nemesis: Lockdown (Jules), and The Oracle of Delphi (Ian)


Sizzling Games: CoraQuest (52:40), Townsfolk Tussle (1:06:35), War of the Ring (1:19:15), Skull Canyon: Ski Fest (1:23:40)

Board Game Bracket: (1:32:40)

Swear An Oath: (1:49:45)


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Has this episode left you with a thirst for more? Here are all of the games that we discussed:
Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder (2022) 

Gaia Project (2017) 

Star Wars: Jabba's Palace (2022) 

Bandido (2016) 

Kingdom Death Monster (2015) 

CoraQuest (2022) 

Townsfolk Tussle (2022) 

War of the Ring: 2nd Ed (2011)

Skull Canyon: Ski Fest (2022) 

Quacks of Quedlinburg (2018) 

A Feast For Odin (2016) 

Brass: Birmingham (2018) 

Eclipse: 2nd Dawn for the Galaxy (2020) 

Endangered (2020) 

The Oracle of Delphi (2016) 

Nemesis: Lockdown (2021) 

Yak (2022) 

Tiny Epic Pirates (2021) 

Unsettled (2021) 


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