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Episode 205: Special Guest - Julian Pombo

August 30, 2022

In this episode Adrian, Mitch and Def are joined by designer Julian Pombo. Julian shares with us where his design ideas come from, his working relationship with Vital Lacerda, and the long journey to get his latest game, Pampero, playtested and published. The team also discuss games including Circadians: First Light, Lost Ruins of Arnak, and Remember Our Trip.

We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: Tell us about your most memorable moment from a Con or Board Game Event. Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared their experiences with us on Discord and the Facebook Community.

Finally, in Swear An Oath, Adrian hasn't played Scout with Sarah yet, Mitch played Marvel Dice Throne with his son and also explored more of the Welcome To The Moon missions, play more Undaunted: North Africa with Mitch. New oaths include Food Chain Magnate (Adrian), Mechanical Beast (Mitch), John Company (Def), and to play some more lighter games (Julian).

Question of the Pod:  What game have you been dying to play and it's just never happened?


Sizzling Games: Pampero (28:00), Circadians: First Light (44:10), Lost Ruins of Arnak (51:45), Remember Our Trip (56:50) 

Question of the Pod Recap (1:03:25)

Swear An Oath: (1:26:18)


To find more of Julian's work check out his Discord Community here:

and the Pampero Kickstarter Page here: Pampero on Kickstarter

Check out our Eventbrite page for all of our upcoming Game Days:


Has this episode left you with a thirst for more? Here are all of the games that we discussed:

Mercado de Lisboa (2021)

CO2: Second Chance (2018) 

Pampero (2023) 

Circadians: First Light (2019) 

Lost Ruins of Arnak (2020) 

Remember Our Trip (2019) 

Too Many Bones (2017) 

Food Chain Magnate (2015) 

Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy (2020) 

Power Grid (2004) 

Scout (2019) 

Marvel Dice Throne (2022) 

Welcome To The Moon (2021) 

Mechanical Beast (2022) 

Undaunted: North Africa (2020) 

John Company 2nd Ed (2022) 



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